Final Blog: Self Reflection

What I Have Learned

I have learned a variety of computer software in CT101. I learned to create gifs, posters, gif portraits, creating a website, a vaporwave, and memes. With all the things I learned comes a process. I learned to use photoshop to establish a piece of art whether it was a meme or a gif portrait. Creating my website was able to learn how to customize it and arrange it. I started by going to the customize section and putting a new image to represent my website. Then I customized my website by putting an about me page, which also allows people to comment. I also created a contact me page so people can contact me if they have any questions. I learned that in order to establish a contact me form I had to download an application called Contact Form 7. I also customized my website by adding a widget. To do so I learned that I had to go to Appearance and press on widgets. Then I clicked on the image and text widget and added it to my blog sidebar. I also learned how to insert hyperlinks  My favorite project in CT101 was creating gif memes. I really enjoyed creating gif memes because some are really funny and made my day on a Thursday. The website I learned to create gifs is GIPHY.

Overall I really enjoyed this class because I learned and experienced many new things I¬†haven’t¬†tried¬†out before. I first experienced creating all the projects we did in class, such as creating memes, gifs, gif portrait, vaporwave and creating my own website. I did have a lot of struggles throughout the process. I was having a hard time working with a computer so I had to switch to a different computer to accomplish my work. There were technical difficulties, such as glitches and sow internet with one of the computers. when I¬†switched computers¬†I was able to do a much better job in my projects for class, which is why I believe I deserve an A. I also believe I deserve an a because I¬†displayed a lot of my hard work and progress through my blogs and art work.



I know everyone might still have exams I just want to wish everyone good luck. Exams¬†aren’t easy all the time since people are most likely¬†taking more than one class at a time. Use your time valuable to prevent any future issues. Studying pays off as well as hard work. Use your time wisely because time is money. Don’t feel like you can’t do it because anyone can if they focus their mind on it. If reading isn’t your way of studying and capturing information using other techniques, such as flash cards, watching videos study groups or any other form of practice. put your knowledge to the test try practice questions and review your work. Good Luck!

Try your best to implement what you learn and use it in your exam. Do everything possible to get the best scores you can get. Don’t let yourself down. If things fail it isn’t the end of the world. But use your experience as a lesson learned. Sometimes we have to go through certain life experience, so it can teach us valuable lessons. These lessons will teach us not to commit¬†the same error in the future. We learn and we become better don’t fall back!





“The Seashell Anthology of Great Poetry”

I love poetry, for its a form of expression. It uses¬†unique language¬†that communicates ideas, sounds, feeling gestures signs and symbols. I admire the way poetry shows these ideas by displaying imagery, allusion, diction, metaphors, similes, personification and more all through the use of unique¬†language. “The Seashell Anthology of Great Poetry” by Christopher Burns shows one of the best poetry. Poetry can make¬†you laugh it can make you sad, confused and reveal many other forms of emotion. Poetry¬†has a lot of meaning, but you have to give gone meaning because poetry writers write poetry so readers can relate t life experience they have gone through.


Black Friday


I went black Friday shopping because I needed to¬† buy winter coats and new clothes. most importantly I needed to buy Christmas presents. Black Friday was crazy at Queens Center Mall. The lines were never ending and there was a point, where I waited forty minutes on the line. People were buying all sort of items. TVs, clothes, accessories, and other things. I wondered if people really needed all the items they were buying. I started to wonder if I really needed the items I wanted to buy. I also started thinking how did Black Friday even become a thing. It isn’t a holiday just a day where all stores are sailing things on a good discount price. I shopped and I saw people shop and shop. I felt very overwhelmed so I stayed for only two hours and went home.

Face Masks

Face Masks are Important 

Face masks are important. Some face masks can moisturize your skin, moisturize your skin or clean your pores. I enjoy doing face masks because My skin feels healthier. After a face mask you must moisturize your skin with cream so it doesn’t lose any nutrients. Vitamin E is very good for the skin as well. I get some of my favorite face mask products at Optima and Ulta. Some of my favorite face mask products come from Aveeno, Neutrogena, and elf. I also enjoy doing face mask with friends to relax and enjoy a movie. However peel off masks may hurt your face for the first time because it takes out baby hairs. I remember my first experience with a peel off mask hurt.


I’m a Makeup Blogger

Makeup Looks I Have Created 


These are one of my favorite makeup looks I ever created. I used many of the products that I have mentions before. On both pictures I used my favorite over all favorite foundation, the Mark Jacobs foundation. I used the Tarte makeup pallet and glitter for the look on the left. On the right look i became more creative and used dark purple lipstick to create it. Fr both looks I used the elf brown eyebrow pencil. I learned to create makeup looks through watching makeup videos, my mother doing her own makeup as a child, beauty bloggers and practicing on myself. I really enjoy using makeup and creating makeup looks. It really takes out the creativity within me.








Poster Meme

I created this poster in CT101. This poster was fun to create, however choosing a picture was not easy. I searched up WW2 propaganda posters and a lot of them had war and guns. I wanted to make a poster to relate it to students. This poster says “Shushhhh” “No talking while the professor is instructing.” It is very important to listen to your instructor for direction and to learn. I hope people can relate to this poster I have created using photoshop. It also looks more like a meme. Enjoy!



I seen a lot of advertisements about Fashion Nova. I heard about it in the music industry, newspapers, memes, instagram, twitter, facebook and the radio. Fashion became big and popular clothing line industry. So much that I decide to buy a product from them. I bought a faux fur coat. Faux fur is not real animal, it is synthetic fur. However, it looks like real animal fur. When I purchased the faux fur coat online, it took like four days to to arrive. I really loved it it was good quality for Forty dollars. I tried it on and¬† went out with it to see if it was cozy. It was so cozy throughout the day I didn’t feel cold at all. I am willing to shop more clothes from them. I was thinking of buying a fashion nova dress for new years.