Editing With PhotoShop

Bella Hadid

Trying to follow directions for this project was really hard. I was trying to take out parts of the picture I had chose and put a different picture in the back to make an effect so it can move. It was really hard because I didn’t know step by step how to finish the work. I would like to give it another try next week to do better. She is  a model and she is very beautiful as well. I will use this same picture to re do the project from last week. I hope I could be able to figure it out. However I’m Really Good at make Gifs so here is a gif of Bella Hadid


Rihanna GIF Portrait


This is Rihanna represented as a GIF in a portrait. It was a lot of steps to try and get this image to become a GIF. I first started  looking for a portrait image. Then I dowloaded the image to the computer. Once I dowloaded the image I  opened photoshop in order to crop the image. After I cropped it we had to open a new photoshop tab where we had to create a transparent box. I started to get confused while I was going though the process because i am not a photoshop expert. After getting it done I realized we had to arrange the colors and filters of the image two more times. I saved all three images separately. Once we finished that it was a little more harder for me to follow along so I started asking my peers for help. I figured we had to add hem into a timeline and   I started to play the timeline. It was finally coming together looking like a GIF. At last I saved my image and uploaded to the ct101.us website. I was happy with it because even tho it was a struggle I achieved to do it.

Rihanna GiF

Another GIF Portrait


Panoramic Story


As you can see I am talking on the phone on the left side of this image and on the right I’m waving my hands.

On this panoramic picture I intend to be loud when talking on the phone. On the right side of the image you have my friends and I confused and upset for being so loud. This is a reference to people disturbing the peace and quiet in public places.

How to do it

To create a panoramic picture on an I phone you must first go to your camera. Then you should find the type of picture you want to take, which is “Pano.” Once you press it you must move the phone sideways in the same direction. If you want someone or yourself to be in the panoramic picture twice you must choose a side first. Then the person holding the camera will move it straight sideways and stop in the middle. Then you will go around and pose in the opposite side. That is when the person holding the phone will finish the panoramic picture by moving it the rest of the way.


The Power of Memes

Are memes art?

I believe memes are an art. There is a whole lot of memes in the internet. I usually see a lot of memes on instagram. There are even accounts, who only post memes, such as “epicfunnypage,” “societyfeelings,” “bestofhorror” and “thesavageposts.” Memes bring out emotion and value. They are a form of expression. It may change the way people view a situation or someone.

My first meme!

I love cats! I have a cat named Leo. He is sweet and playful, however he can be a feisty little one. Cats are known to be serious, careless and boring. So I wanted to create a meme of a cat being silly to express the idea that cats are also cute and joyful. 

Meet Leo

This is Leo my cat making a silly face. I was walking around the house when  I caught him looking at me. I decided to quickly get my phone and capture this moment. I think it would make a funny meme.

Experience With Makeup Gifs

Some Thoughts of the Class and Creating Gifs

When I first entered this class I thought it was going to be hard. I thought it was going to be hard because I was never good with computers. However, when the professor started talking more about the class and explaining the program step by step I started to understand it a little more. I felt better when he gave an intro to the class and when he shared his own experiences as a student.

happy snow white GIF by Disney

When he showed us a couple of websites to create our own gifs I started having many great ideas. I started thinking of music videos and bloggers, who would make a good gif. The first gif I created was from Lana del Ray’s song Young and beautiful.I really loved creating it. It took me like 10 minutes to choose a section of the video and to shorten it. The next gif I created was of a makeup video. The makeup video blogger is Nikkie. She has a youtube channel called Nikkie tutorials, where she does reviews of beauty products.

Favorite Makeup Products 

My favorite makeup products if you are in a budget are Elf Cosmetics, NYX, Covergirl, L’Oreal Paris, Revlon and  Wet & Wild. My favorite, but more expensive makeup products are Marc Jacobs, Fenty Beauty, Too Faced, Make Up Forever, Lancome, Dior and Tarte. Their foundation are very fabulous depending on your skin. I sugest you go to sephora so they can choose the best foundation products for your skin type. However this is the Sephora website where you can look at some make up products.

Makeup is an Art

The Art of Makeup


Something that makes me happy today is makeup videos on YouTube. I love looking up new looks before going out to a party, special events or work. I like looking up natural looks, glam looks, which are more exaggerated and fancy looks. I also like looking up on YouTube new makeup products that come out to see people try it out and make a review about them. It makes me happy to look up a new and exiting product, then watching a couple of people try them and say good things about it. This makes me want to buy it and when I try it I’m usually satisfied because first i do some research. It also makes me happy to follow makeup bloggers on Instagram. I can see the products that use by looking at their pictures. I can also see many makeup looks on Instagram. There is a lot more variety.

Its Art

Be creative and spontaneous. It can also be a form of expression. Get messy with it.

  • Here are some of my favorite makeup bloggers

Huda Kattan

Hayley Bui

Carli Bybel

Thuy Le

How to Slay


Feeling confident, beautiful and powerful is what makes me satisfied. I love buying beauty products to make the skin better, such as face masks, facial cleansers and creams. Having a clear canvas may make it easier to apply makeup products and will make foundations look smoother. I also enjoy buying makeup products and creating new looks. I love foundations, highlighters, lipsticks, contouring and eyeshadow pallets. Glam looks are one of my favorites and makes me feel beautiful. I also enjoy going to the nail salon and glam up my nails by putting gems and trying out different nail polishes.

I created this Gif by pasting the URL of the youtube video and trimming the video to create a GIF

Vaporwave Progress


This is the first vaporwave I was able to create. It was easy to choose the pictures I wanted to work with at first. I chose a dolphin, sunset, palm trees, a female statue, roses and a colorful grid. Then had to open a new page. I chose the color purple and dark purple because those are one of my favorite colors. Then things started getting a little complicated because it’s when i had to crop the images out and copy and paste it to the page I want them to all be in. It as a process at first but it takes practice to learn and re-do it. When i did the first two objects it was easier to do the others. So i went through the same process in cropping  then selecting all, copying and pasting it to the page i wanted all the objects to be in. As i was going through the whole process i was able to create this vaporwave. I thought I was never going to be able to create it but I’m glad at the end I did because it was fun.


Meme of Michael Myers

Halloween Movie

I was very excited when the Halloween movie of Michael Myers came out. When I watched the film I was intrigued to know why people always fear him and not ask themselves what’s going on in his head. I felt bad for Michael Myers maybe he isn’t a monster after all so I decided to create a meme based on a part of the film. I wanted to create this meme so people can relate. Many people get angry over situations or others. However, sometimes people aren’t empathetic and might not understand what a person is going through in life. I hope people can relate to this meme I have created.


Customizing My Website


In CT101 class I was able to edit my profile by putting in widgets. I put the image and text widget on my blog sidebar, so when people check my my website they can see them on the right side of my posts. I also added a contact form, where people may put their names and send me a message directly to my email. This is located on my profile page as well. I also added an about me and contact me page where I put my email and introduce myself to people that encounter my website. Finally I was able to download some apps. I downloaded the contact form 7 and Jet pack. These helped me customize my website. It was a whole process to keep up with all the information to arrange word press. Almost gave me anxiety but I made it ! I felt relieved to do so.