Inspecting WordPress

Watching Youtube Videos to learn about how to customize the Website 

I watched the youtube video given by the professor in ct101 to learn more about the new website I have created. I saw that we can customize our menu. Customizing your menu is very important especially if other people are going to go on your website and look for something they may want more information on. I also learned that the comment section may be  for all people to participate in if I allowed it. This is good, so people may engage with you class work or for your future business.I wold love to learn more and gain more experience with my website by working with the little projects we do in class. My favorite so far is creating memes and Gifs. Enjoy this Gif I created in reference to learning in the class.

My Website’s Future Purpose

Website Future Purposes 

My name is Andrea Galeano and I am a Social Work bachelor college student at York College. I really enjoyed creating my own website in CT101 because it’s something I always wanted to learn how to do for my future. I believe it is important to create a website for business purposes. It wasn’t hard creating the website because I really listened to every step in order to create it. I even had the chance to change the picture. The reason why I chose this picture

was because my goal is to help people in the future. I want to be able to help people, so they may get the services that they need. This will help my future career so people can reach me through my own website. I can’t wait to learn many new things in CT101 because I believe it will definitely use what I learn in my future.

Ready or Not Here I Come 


Welcome to My Website

Reasons for Website Usage 

Enjoy this meme I created to start this website.  I created this website for class CT101.  In this website I will be showing the progress I do in arranging the cite. I will also be showing many memes Im going to be working on and a couple of class work I do in the CT101 class. I will be doing some work on photoshop, creating memes, taking panorama pictures and experimenting the new things I learn in the class. I hope you enjoy the things i will be presenting in this website. This will help me gain more confidence in using the website in the future. I am also going to be blogging things i find interesting in my life and i hope you enjoy.