Makeup is an Art

The Art of Makeup


Something that makes me happy today is makeup videos on YouTube. I love looking up new looks before going out to a party, special events or work. I like looking up natural looks, glam looks, which are more exaggerated and fancy looks. I also like looking up on YouTube new makeup products that come out to see people try it out and make a review about them. It makes me happy to look up a new and exiting product, then watching a couple of people try them and say good things about it. This makes me want to buy it and when I try it I’m usually satisfied because first i do some research. It also makes me happy to follow makeup bloggers on Instagram. I can see the products that use by looking at their pictures. I can also see many makeup looks on Instagram. There is a lot more variety.

Its Art

Be creative and spontaneous. It can also be a form of expression. Get messy with it.

  • Here are some of my favorite makeup bloggers

Huda Kattan

Hayley Bui

Carli Bybel

Thuy Le

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