Final Blog: Self Reflection

What I Have Learned

I have learned a variety of computer software in CT101. I learned to create gifs, posters, gif portraits, creating a website, a vaporwave, and memes. With all the things I learned comes a process. I learned to use photoshop to establish a piece of art whether it was a meme or a gif portrait. Creating my website was able to learn how to customize it and arrange it. I started by going to the customize section and putting a new image to represent my website. Then I customized my website by putting an about me page, which also allows people to comment. I also created a contact me page so people can contact me if they have any questions. I learned that in order to establish a contact me form I had to download an application called Contact Form 7. I also customized my website by adding a widget. To do so I learned that I had to go to Appearance and press on widgets. Then I clicked on the image and text widget and added it to my blog sidebar. I also learned how to insert hyperlinks  My favorite project in CT101 was creating gif memes. I really enjoyed creating gif memes because some are really funny and made my day on a Thursday. The website I learned to create gifs is GIPHY.

Overall I really enjoyed this class because I learned and experienced many new things I haven’t tried out before. I first experienced creating all the projects we did in class, such as creating memes, gifs, gif portrait, vaporwave and creating my own website. I did have a lot of struggles throughout the process. I was having a hard time working with a computer so I had to switch to a different computer to accomplish my work. There were technical difficulties, such as glitches and sow internet with one of the computers. when I switched computers I was able to do a much better job in my projects for class, which is why I believe I deserve an A. I also believe I deserve an a because I displayed a lot of my hard work and progress through my blogs and art work.

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