Vaporwave Progress


This is the first vaporwave I was able to create. It was easy to choose the pictures I wanted to work with at first. I chose a dolphin, sunset, palm trees, a female statue, roses and a colorful grid. Then had to open a new page. I chose the color purple and dark purple because those are one of my favorite colors. Then things started getting a little complicated because it’s when i had to crop the images out and copy and paste it to the page I want them to all be in. It as a process at first but it takes practice to learn and re-do it. When i did the first two objects it was easier to do the others. So i went through the same process in cropping  then selecting all, copying and pasting it to the page i wanted all the objects to be in. As i was going through the whole process i was able to create this vaporwave. I thought I was never going to be able to create it but I’m glad at the end I did because it was fun.


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